Seriously, it’s enough.

Iggy Azalea is not fond of the Lemonade lyric about “Becky with the good hair” and has taken to Twitter to accuse Beyoncé of racism. For the uninitiated, “Becky” is usually used to describe a “basic” white girl and Azalea has decided that Bey’s use on the track ‘Sorry’ was intended to take aim at white women, eschewing the politics of “good hair” to yet again make something about herself.

We could write a whole screed here about how there is no such thing as reverse racism and that even if Beyoncé was using the name “Becky” to allude to a white woman, it would have been a form of resistance, which is a pushback on racism – not actual cultural incompetence.

What should also be looked at is how this is yet another instance where Iggy seems to think the entire world revolves around her. Last fall, T.I. publicly complained that he was tired of Iggy’s constant public gaffing and cleaning up her messes, that she wouldn’t listen to his advice about how to be seen better in the public eye. First thing’s first: Listen to your mentors. T.I. has nipped so many of Iggy’s battles in bud because of his place in the rap community. In 2014 when Snoop Dogg called her a cunt and posted stills from White Chicks on his Instagram to poke fun at the Aussie rapper, Tip was able to smolder the flame war. Was there some patriarchy at work here? Yes, definitely. But would it be more important for Iggy to listen to people that continuously want to give her a chance when they are telling her some truth. Shit, even Q-Tip took time he doesn’t really have to dish out a generous lesson on the culture she so badly wants to be indoctrinated into in a legitimate way.

Or, she can keep getting headlines for saying dumb shit on Twitter more than for her music.

And you’d think that someone so recently familiar with infidelity would know the kind of anguish that comes along with it. But alas, everyone is always trying to hurt Iggy, in her mind, no one is ever doing something that may have absolute zilch to do with her.



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