“I got the whole world Katie Hopkins-ing on me.”

Girli high-kicks her way into the hyphenated world of cyber-electronic-hyper-pop with her new single, ‘Girls Get Angry Too.’

The north London newcomer channels GFOTY, Lady Sovereign and The Spice Girls for a tongue-in-cheek exploration of feminism and femininity that’s as entertaining as it is rebellious.

Produced by Ragz Originale – who made the beat for Skepta’s ‘Shutdown’ – the in-your-face video sees Girli morph into a number of femme-ready personas, from bubblegum pop princess to modern-day samurai, and is dedicated to the ultimate samurai princesses, Kill Bill’s The Bride & O-Ren Ishii.

Inspired by “demented dolls”, Girli says she is commenting on the categorisation of women, who are “boxed up and sold idealised versions of themselves.” “Don’t box up angry girls. Seriously. Just don’t. ;),” she warns.

The single is out now via PMR Records, with an impact date of  May 27. Girli makes her debut headline (14+) show at London’s Garage in July.

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