The Weeknd is already working on new music.

A new interview with Vogue notes that The Weeknd is working with producers he collaborated with on House of Balloon. In aside, arts editor Mark Guiducci notes: “The Weeknd purists will be pleased to hear that he’s in the studio with the House of Balloons team again. ‘But it’s a new thing,’ Tesfaye assures me. ‘Always a new thing.'”

The mixtape was helmed by Canadian producers Doc McKinney, Illangelo and Zodiac, with whom Tesfaye had a very public falling out in 2012.

Perhaps that means the new record will have the same polish as his latest, Beauty Behind the Madness, rather than the grit of his debut. House of Balloons remains a favorite among longtime fans and is arguably his best work. Last year it was finally released on vinyl.

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