Other Music is yet another classic NYC establishment to close its doors.

The New York Times reports that New York record store Other Music will shut down its brick and mortar business on June 25. After two decades of being a staple of the East Village, they will move to strictly online mail order.

“We still do a ton of business — probably more than most stores in the country,” co-owner Josh Madell told the Times. “It’s just the economics of it actually supporting us — we don’t see a future in it. We’re trying to step back before it becomes a nightmare.”

While the piece cites rising rents and the popularity of streaming as causes for them to close their physical doors, Madell also noted that the necessity of the record store employee for recommendations and expertise has dwindled: “The customers don’t come in with the same sort of needs anymore. If they want to know what something sounds like, they just pull it up online.”

New York City is in no shortage of vinyl shops, with the Williamsburg outpost of Rough Trade doing well and Halcyon finding a new locale down the street in nightclub Output, this is no sign of a drought, necessarily. But being able to speak to your clientele with authority is an unfortunate thing to lose, especially when we’re getting dangerously close to only being able to buy new vinyl at Urban Outfitters. (RIP Kim’s, Tropicalia in Furs.)



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