The Swiss producer shares his debut release with the label.

Swiss producer Wildlife! is known for his dark, abstractions of dancehall music, but the upcoming Patterns EP is his most dystopian release yet. Now Mixpak have shared the full EP to stream before its release next week.

Over seven tracks titled ‘N° 001’ to ‘N° 007’, Patterns blends sharp, laser-like synths with aggressive and unpredictable bass throbs. It’s not the friendliest listen, but for all its angularity it constantly dazzles with its glossy sheen.

The release is due May 11, but will be released May 14 as an installation at SIGNAL Gallery in Brooklyn. The installation translates the album to a visual setting in a collaboration with artist collective Nitemind (who have previously worked with Korakrit Arunanondchai and Tim Hecker) and visual artist Jesse Hlebo.

Learn more at SIGNAL’s website and take in Patterns below.



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