London’s Soul Jazz label immortalises New York’s early rap scene.

A 17-track compilation featuring rare and classic tracks from hip-hop’s early innovators, back when all the songs had the word ‘rap’ in their title, is due for release on June 3. Boombox – Early Independent Hip Hop, Electro and Disco Rap 1979-82 goes back to hip-hop’s block party roots, when artists began re-purposing ‘70s funk and disco to make space for MCs, often adding drum machines and synths.

The Soul Jazz compilation, due on June 3, includes some of the ground-breaking records that appeared in the wake of the first rap hit, The Sugarhill Gang’s million-selling ‘Rappers Delight’, from Count Coolout’s 12-minute ‘Rhythm Rap Rock’ to Portable Patrol’s mad-funky ‘Cop Bop’ and Sugar Daddy’s 1981 disco-rap gem ‘One More Time’.

Boombox will be available to buy digitally and as a triple-pack LP or deluxe CD, which comes with a 40-page booklet, slipcase, photography and original label artwork. [via RA]

Hear Spoonie Gee And The Treacherous Three laying down ‘The New Rap Language’ below for a taste of the vintage goodness in store.


01. Mr Sweety G – ‘At The Place To Be’
02. Love Bug Star-Ski And The Harlem World Crew – ‘Positive Life’
03. Neil B – ‘Body Rock’
04. Super 3 – ‘Philosophy Rappin’ Spree’
05. Bramsam – ‘Move Your Body’
06. Black Bird & Kevski – ‘On The Go’
07. Count Coolout – ‘Rhythm Rap Rock’ (CD only)
08. Harlem World Crew – ‘Rappers Convention’
09. Willie Wood & The Willie Wood Crew – ‘Willie Rap’
10. Bon-Rock & The Rhythm Rebellion – ‘Searching Rap’
11. Sugar Daddy – ‘One More Time’
12. Spoonie Gee And The Treacherous Three – ‘The New Rap Language’
13. TJ Swan – ‘And You Know That’
14. Portable Patrol – ‘Cop Bop’
15. Master Jay – ‘We Are People Too’
16. Sweet G – ‘Boogie Feelin’ Rap’
17. Mistafide – ‘Equidity Funk’

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