After swiping a Billboard record from Justin Bieber, Drake now tops him on Spotify, as well.

According to data-tracker Kworb, Drake has been streamed 3,185,045,281 times on Spotify, the most streams for any artist on the platform. This new accomplishment comes hand-in-hand with Drake’s recently-released album Views, which also enabled him to become the artist with the most concurrent hits on the Billboard Hot 100 at one time.

Both of these distinguished feats were previously held by fellow Canadian Justin Bieber, who has been streamed on Spotify 3,175,636,461 times – just a little bit under 10 million plays from Drake. Damn.

Drake scored his first solo #1 hit last week with ‘One Dance’, which samples Crazy Cousins’ classic remix of Paleface’s ‘Do You Mind’. But his spot at the top didn’t last long. He’s been dethroned this week but Justin Timberlake’s middling Trolls theme song ‘Can’t Stop This Feeling’.

You can beat one Justin, but you can’t beat them all.

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