“Hello, it’s been a while.” He’s not kidding.

Sampha has returned with a new single titled ‘Timmy’s Prayer’, his first solo release since 2013. It’s a delay he alludes to in a letter posted on Twitter alongside the song.

“I’ve had a lot to process these past couple of years, as we all do, and it’s hard to articulate sometimes. I wanted to say thank you to all the people who’ve shown me so much love and support,” he writes, eventually sayings he’s excited to share more new music.

Though it has been awhile since he was working on his own, Sampha hasn’t exactly been silent. He’s continued to work with longtime collaborator SBTRK (appearing on the recent Save Yourself EP) and collaborated with Kanye West during the Life Of Pablo sessions on the non-album track ‘Saint Pablo’.

Read the full message and listen to ‘Timmy’s Prayer’ below.



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