A glimpse at what to expect from The Weeknd in 2016?

12 demos of new and previously-released music from The Weeknd (né Abel Tesfaye) have surfaced online and they are quite reminiscent of his early work. With just a simple cursory listen, you can hear some snippets of what was used on last year’s Beauty Behind the Madness, although ‘Gone (Tell Your Friends)’ sounds nothing at all like the album standout ‘Tell Your Friends’.

Last month, an interview with Vogue revealed that Tesfaye was back in the studio with some of his House of Balloons collaborators, although exactly who was not specified. Tesfaye did work with Balloons producer Illangelo on Beauty, but has not reunited with Doc McKinney since. (Zodiac, whose name was completely scrubbed from the tape’s credits, is also probably not working on these demos, either.)

Earlier this week, Deamau5 reached out to Tesfaye about possibly working together. While there’s been no confirmation, these sketches, which you can listen to below, sound like their own rejection.



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