The deal means that all rights holders and mix creators get paid royalties.

Spotify will follow Apple Music and offer users the chance to listen to full DJ mixes on the streaming service thanks to a new partnership, Music Week reports.

The deal with digital distribution company Dubset means that DJs will be able to upload their own mixes to the service along with single track remixes, with both the DJ and rights holders for the tracks in the mix being paid royalties.

This is achieved through Dubset’s proprietary MIXbank platform, which is able to analyse both mixes and remixes to accurately determine what music is featured, even if it’s blended.

The partnership was announced yesterday (May 25) at the International Music Summit in Ibiza, and follows a similar deal made between Dubset and Apple Music in March.

Stefan Blom, chief content officer at Spotify, said: “Our number one job at Spotify is to deliver great music to fans whenever and wherever they want to listen to it. This deal with Dubset enables us to serve fans of dance music with the mixes they crave while ensuring that artists, labels and publishers get paid fairly. It’s a great day for music fans all over the world.”

Spotify gave no indication as to when the partnership would take effect, but there’s still no sign of user-created DJ mixes on Apple Music two months after its deal with Dubset was announced.

Dubset claims its technology is able to identify the tracks in an hour-long mix in 15 minutes. If any part of a mix is not cleared by the rights holders then the creator will be able to make changes until the mix is approved.

The company also says that major labels and independents will receive the same pay rates.

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