As well as new material from Public Enemy and Cypress Hill at their first show tonight.

Prophets of Rage, a reformed Rage Against the Machine with Public Enemy’s Chuck D and Cypress Hill’s B-Real replacing Zach De La Rocha as frontman, will make their live debut tonight in Los Angeles at the Whiskey a Go Go. The ensemble will perform old Rage hits and new songs.

But don’t call it a “supergroup” as Tom Morello told LA’s rock station KROQ this morning: “I don’t look at it like a super group…I look at it like it’s an elite task force of revolutionary musicians come together at a historical moment to stir shit up.”

According to B-Real, the group has been practicing in secrecy for a month and, as Chuck D tells it, getting De La Rocha’s vocals right has been an accomplishment: “It takes me and B-Real to do Rage-ified Zack De La Rocha songs so a marching salute out to him.”

Rage purists fret not, though. RATM bassist Timm Commerford tells Rolling Stone the group has been given De La Rocha’s blessing. “I spoke to Zack and got his blessing, and that’s really great,” Commerford said. “We’re a family and there’s support across the board. I support him and everything he does, and vice versa. I’ve definitely been keeping him in the know. You’re never going to replace Zack, and we aren’t trying to do that.”



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