“The fact that I’m a woman and I can do what I do, it’s kind of unique, really.”

Björk has spoken out against sexism in the entertainment industry, calling music journalism a “boys’ club” while describing the “nightmare” of being an actress.

Speaking at the Australian launch of her Björk Digital exhibition, she criticised the music industry’s problems with gender equality: “The fact I’m a woman and I can do what I do, it’s kind of unique, really. I’ve been really lucky. But I have been hitting walls. What’s really macho, for example, is music journalism. It’s really like a boys’ club. They like music that is… well, a lot of it is for boys.”

She also recalled her only acting appearance in Lars Von Trier’s Dancer In The Dark in 2000: “I couldn’t believe what it’s like for actresses. It’s just a nightmare how they’re treated. They have so little say in their career or roles they play as they get older. Guys can get older, but not women.”

Björk Digital opens at Sydney gallery Carriageworks on Friday (June 3) and features installations from her Vulnicura album, which was inspired by the break-up of her relationship with artist Matthew Barney.

Meanwhile, it was revealed in March that Björk is working on a new album with Vulnicura’s co-producer Arca.

Watch the Jesse Kanda-directed video for ‘Mouth Mantra’, which was shot from inside Björk’s mouth.



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