The rising London producer joins Hyperdub with a four-track release.

Endgame is the next fresh face to join Kode9’s Hyperdub label, with an EP of cutting-edge club music called Flesh.

A co-founder of London’s Bala Club collective and resident on NTS Radio’s Precious Metals show, Endgame has made waves in recent years with a blend of icy synths, dancehall rhythms and industrial crunch that represents the best of the city’s emergent dance sounds.

His Hyperdub debut features four tracks: ‘Felony Riddim’, ‘Toxic Riddim’, ‘Fallen’, which features MCing from Organ Tapes, and ‘Sittin Ere redux’, which is Endgame’s take on Dizzee Rascal’s Boy in the Corner opener, transforming it into a “tense anthem” with a sound between reggaeton and drill.

Flesh is released on July 22. In the meantime, you can revisit Endgame’s killer FACT mix.

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