The blend features exclusive tracks from Distro, Tuff Culture, DJ Q, Notion, Majestic, and more.

Butterz’s grande dame Flava D steps up to the FABRICLIVE plate for a mix that blends UKG, grime and bassline, along with what she describes as “more mellow stuff”.

In addition to her own self-produced tracks, Flava has linked with a number of artists for original collaborations, including UK funky trailblazer Champion and bassline hero DJ Q, and says that the theme of the mix is just a “good representation of what she is about”.

FABRICLIVE 88: Flava D is getting a physical release on July 15 but is available to pre-order now.

Ahead of its release, Flava has shared one of her “personal faves” from the mix with us – her own summery UKG cut ‘Happy’, which features vocals from London songwriter and producer Miss Fire. Hear it below and then dig into our Q&A.

The album launch party takes place on July 15, with D Double E, Elijah & Skilliam, DJ Q, Royal T, Holy Goof and more all set to play. Tickets are available from Fabric’s website.

How did you go about picking artists for the mix?

For the CD I wanted to include some of the artists I rate, but rather than just use one of their tracks, I suggested that we do a collaboration instead. It made more sense and I thought it would be really exciting to present these fresh new tracks that no one’s heard yet. I also got some exclusive tracks from some of my favs, like Distro, Tuff culture, DJ Q, Notion and Majestic specially for the CD, so everything on there apart from a few solo tracks of mine is pretty much exclusive material.

What’s the theme?

The theme is just a good representation of what Flava D is about. As you can see from the tracklist, I produced a large portion of it. The first track of the CD is an intro I made specially for this project. I wanted to make something completely different to anything else I’d done before – it starts off on an dark atmospheric vibe, then it gradually builds up orchestrally into a warmer feel. My vision before I started making the intro was that I was walking though a dark forest trying to find the way out, and eventually when I do, I’m surrounded by colourful scenaries, a pink sky leading to a sunset. Sounds weird but when I listen to it, that’s exactly the journey the music takes me on.

Have you got a favourite FABRICLIVE mix?

That’s hard! There are so many great ones, but from the ones I’ve listened to, my favourites are Mumdance and Elijah & Skilliam’s.


01 Flava D – Intro [Flava D]
02 Flava D – Whistler [Flava D]
03 Taiki Nulight & Flava D – Conflict [Flava D]
04 Riddim Commission feat. D Double E – Dem Tings Dere [Bullet Train]
05 Champion – Gunshot [unreleased]
06 Flava D feat. Miss Fire – Closer [Roska Kicks & Snares]
07 Flava D – Bleeding [Flava D]
08 Majestic – Crooks VIP [Random Mandem]
09 Flava D – Wheels [Formula]
10 D Double E – Like This [Formula]
11 DJ Q – Flavor [Q Recordings]
12 Flava D – Hold On [Butterz]
13 Moksi – What I Like (DJ Q Remix) [Barong Family]
14 My Nu Leng & Flava D – Soul Shake [MTA]
15 Swindle – Mad Ting (Flava D Remix) [Swindle]
16 Flava D & DevelopMENT – Gun Down [Flava D]
17 Royal T & Deadbeat UK – Revenge [unreleased]
18 Flava D – Changed My Way [Flava D]
19 Notion – Glow [unreleased]
20 Flava D & Miss Fire – Happy [Flava D]
21 Flava D & Holy Goof – Section Request [unreleased]
22 Terror Danjah feat. Stush & Sticky – Dollar Sign (Juicy Patty Riddim) [unreleased]
23 Flava D – In The Dance VIP [Formula]
24 Distro – Off The Chain [unreleased]
25 Champion, Flava D & Slick Don – Kill Alla Dem [unreleased]
26 TuffCulture – To My Heart [unreleased]
27 Flava D – Clarity [Flava D]
28 Flava D – Motions [Flava D]
29 t q d – Only One [Butterz]
30 Flava D – Searching [Flava D]

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