Vatican Shadow’s cold stare continues with one of the techno project’s best tracks in years.

After hitting us with the gargantuan emotional journey of Prurient’s double album Frozen Niagara Falls last year, Dominick Fernow has shifted back to techno with a new release as Vatican Shadow.

Media In The Service Of Terror is due June 10 digitally through Fernow’s Hospital Productions and will be followed by a cassette release as well as a limited special edition that comes with a 100-page mini newspaper.

Today, you can hear Media’s first single, ‘More Of The Same’, which blends Fernow’s bleak drones with a breathless, hypnotic pulse. The track is downright apocalyptic, but the beat pulls you along at such a persistent clip that its doomed atmospheres never catch you.

It’s not until the midway point that a jagged, incomplete melody emerges sounding like a DJ Koze hook that got trapped in the puzzle box from Hellrasier to ride out the track to its finish. It’s an absolute stunner and after dedicating so much time to his noise project in 2015, it’s exciting to hear Fernow hit this hard on the dance front again.

Listen to ‘More Of The Same’ below and look for Media In The Service Of Terror through Hospital Productions.


01. ‘Ziad Jarrah Studied Mathematics’
02. ‘More Of The Same’
03. ‘Take Vows’
04. ‘Wherever There Is Money There Is Unforgiveness’
05. ‘Interrogation Mosaic’
06. ‘Take Vows (The Inevitable Bitterness Of Life)’
07. ‘More Of The Same (Tunisia)’

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