One of New York’s most exciting electronic labels finds a new way to change the game.

Purple Tape Pedigree will release Copout’s Forces on June 24, but before it drops, the label is delivering another unique project. CELL is a monthly audio magazine which will be released on a limited run of 100 purple cassettes (natch).

“Each issue/tape features a 15-20 minute original works/sound design mix by an artist (Side-A), as well as the ‘Audio Codex’ (audio zine) on the flip,” PTP boss and FACT contributor Geng said. “The zine uses found audio clips to weave a patchwork narrative focusing on controlled environments through surveillance and food. And as a bonus, for the sake of ‘healthy body, healthy mind,’ [it] features a smoothie recipe by me at the end.”

CELL Issue 01, which features a side a composed by Baby Blue, is available now via Bandcamp. The tape includes a digital download and PDF from the tape. Trust us, you’ll wanna make that smoothie.

PTP will host their first Boiler Room this Sunday June 12.

CELL, Issue 01 - Tape_Pic



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