Yes, it features a Ghostface Killah character.

A new IndieGoGo campaign has launched to fund the making of Martin Shkreli’s Game: How Bill Murray Joined the Wu-Tang Clan, a “musical caper comedy” that its creators Lauren Gundrum and Joel Esher are looking to have debut at New York’s Midtown International Theatre Festival this summer.

And while there has been quite a bit of story to build into an epic stage production, their fundraising page alludes that their story will be based on the rumor that the Wu-Tang Clan was allowed to steal their one-of-a-kind album Once Upon A Time in Shaolin back from the owner – in this case, pharma jerk Shkreli – with the help of Bill Murray. (Sadly, that wasn’t true.)

The show is already set to be staged at the fest, but its creators are looking to fund the expenses that go along with putting on the show (paying actors, props, etc.)

Auditions are being held now for the roles of Skhreli and Murray, who are the leads, as well as RZA, GZA, Ghostface Killah and Ol’ Dirty Bastard, who is apparently still alive in Gundrum’s and Esher’s minds.

You know, even the sub-title of the show implies that Murray and Wu-Tang weren’t already acquainted before the Shaolin stunt. Here’s a little refresher course or an extremely fun discovery for the uninitiated.



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