Peak Brexit.

Sir Bob Geldof and Ukip leader Nigel Farage are battling out the EU referendum debate on the Thames, with two flotillas currently making their way towards the Houses of Parliament to arrive outside the House of Commons just before Prime Minister’s Questions at 12.30.

Boats carrying Remain supporters, including Geldof, arrived this morning to stage their own water-based protest in opposition to the flotilla of Brexit-backing fishing boats, which had been organised by Scottish skippers as part of the Fishing for Leave campaign. Farage is bobbing along in his own small fishing trawler, complete with Union Jack deckchairs, naturally.

Twitter reports say the Bremain flotilla is blasting out Dobie Gray’s ‘In With the In Crowd’ as well as KWS’s ‘Please Don’t Go’ from a large on-board sound system. Fishermen have reportedly sprayed Geldof’s Remain raft with hoses. See a selection of tweets below.

Today marks the final Prime Minister’s Questions before votes are cast for the EU referendum next Thursday.

[via Evening Standard]



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