Tired of modular synth squiggles yet? Us neither.

John Chantler’s been pulled in a few different directions in his short time on this earth. Born in Australia, he’s already lived in Japan and London for long stretches, and now resides in Sweden, where he put together his latest collection of drones, tones and dissonance.

Which Way To Leave? was inspired by Chantler’s relocation to Stockholm after spending many years based in London, and explores this sense of newness with a nod to 20th century electronic minimalism.

Anyone who managed to hear John Chantler’s excellent Still Light, Outside from last year should have some idea of what to expect, but Which Way To Leave? finds the producer heading deeper into uncharted territory, working with the kind of choppy surrealism of musique concrete and adding another layer to the process.

He’s joined on the album by musicians Carina Thorén and Okkyung Lee, and the album was recorded both at his home studio and in Stockholm’s renowned elektronmusikstudion EMS.

Which Way To Leave? will be released via Room40 on August 24, and you can hear the noisy opener ‘Falling Forward’ below.


1. Falling Forward
2. Two and Four
3. Clearing
4. Fixation Pulse
5. Lesser Demands
6. All Visible Signs
7. First December
8. Second December
9. Beginning Again

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