Demdike Stare coax more unheard material from the Japanese producer.

Enigmatic Japanese electronic artist Shinichi Atobe has released a second album of unreleased material on Demdike Stare’s DDS label.

Responsible for a single 12″ of incredible dub techno on the Chain Reaction label back in 2001, Atobe made a shock return on Demdike Stare’s label in 2014 with the brilliant Butterfly Effect album.

After last year’s DDS reissue of Atobe’s Chain Reaction 12″, the producer is back on the label with a second “mini-album” titled World, featuring six tracks across 40 minutes.

As the label explains, the material on World was recorded “some time in the last 20 years” and once again features a mix of house and ambient electronics it says sounds like a combination of DJ Sprinkles, OPN, Wolfgang Voigt and Mr Fingers.

Pick up the album from Boomkat, where you can also hear clips.



1. Intro
2. World 1
3. World 2
4. World 3
5. World 4
6. World 5



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