The week’s best mixes: Hieroglyphic Being, ambient rave history and R&B refixes

Each week, FACT trawls through the untamed world of free mixes, radio specials and live blends so you don’t have to.

This week there’s plenty to get stuck into, including healing ambient sounds from Huerco S, warm synth funk from Nite Jewel and twisted R&B from edit sumpremo Gundam. There’s also a fitting tribute mix to late acid and electro producer Andreas Gehm from Hieroglyphic Being.

Huerco S
Juno Plus Podcast 141

This is one to save for the morning after when you’re stuck on the bathroom floor with a bottle of water and a recovery joint. If you don’t think Huerco S’ debut LP of scuzzy beats and his ambient follow-up have much in common, this mix makes a comfortable stepping stone between the two while giving you a steady assist back on your feet.

Nite Jewel

This FADER mix from ‘80s-leaning artist Nite Jewel is exactly how you’d expect it to sound: a trip through funky synth jams, lit by neon and glittering like a disco ball smeared with Vaseline. Featuring tracks from Jessy Lanza, Fingers Inc, Chris & Cosey, Abra and Kyle Hall, it’s a fitting companion piece to her new album Liquid Cool.

Sam Kidel
Hope @ Telepathic Fish 1993 Mix

Bristol producer Sam Kidel jogs hazy memories and relives the “soggy mattresses” of early ‘90s squat raves with his comedown blend. Kidel splices together four different mixes from 92-93 and plugs into lush, deep, woozy ambience – “lie down and be counted” indeed.

Dummy Mix 338

Gundam’s Dummy mix is littered with glittery grime that nods to radio rap and R&B, but without pandering to the status quo. 50 Cent’s ‘21 Questions’ and Aaliyah’s ‘Miss You’ are, perhaps a little obvious, but it hits an especially sweet spot when Something For the People’s ‘My Love is the Shhh!’ pops in. We’re just sidling out of the period where seemingly everyone was influenced by their perception of ‘90s R&B (despite the fact that Ashanti started putting out music in the early aughts) that it is extremely refreshing to hear something that actually hits the deep cuts. And when the opening guitar riffs of Usher’s ‘Nice and Slow’ become embedded into the beat? Forget it. This was made for people interested in the details, but still satisfies even if you’re not.

Lobster Theremin Podcast 005

We’ve no idea who Grant might be but it hardly matters as this latest mix is blindingly good. Brexit be damned, it’s a celebration of the summer with UV-bleached jazzy deep house vibes setting the tone before everything’s derailed by a drop of Basic Channel’s ‘Quadrant Dub II’ that makes up about a third of entire duration. It’s worth it though, and when the mix settles to a close on Other People Place’s stone-cold-classic ‘Sunrays’ you’ll have nothing left to do but hit play again. Don’t forget yer sunscreen.

Hieroglyphic Being
Andreas Gehm Tribute Mix, Rinse FM

This week saw the tragic loss of Cologne producer Andreas Gehm, who died after an undisclosed illness. Among the many labels the respected acid and electro artist released on was Hieroglyphic Being’s Mathematics Recordings, and the Chicago veteran paid his respects by dedicating an hour-long mix to him on Rinse FM’s Hessle Audio show. A fitting tribute for a producer who will be widely missed.



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