Make the sounds of the arcade in your own home.

Japanese synth company Korg has teamed up with video game publisher Bandai Namco to create a new chiptune synth for its Gadget app, Synthtopia reports.

Korg’s Gadget app for iOS was released in 2014, and features a number of virtual synths and drum machines loosely based on classic electronic instruments such as the TB-303. It also features sequencer and mixer functions for recording full tracks.

Version 2.5 of the app is out now, and allows you to buy Kamata as an optional extra. It’s an ‘80s-inspired synth that recreates the sound of the same waveform sound generator chips found in classic Namco arcade machines Pac-Man and Galaga.

Gadget already has an 8-bit synth called Kingston as part of its line-up, but Kamata appears to be a lot deeper in its sound-shaping capabilities compared to Kingston’s more basic chiptune sounds.

Kamata, which features a very ‘80s interface to match, is joined by two other additions to the app: Gladstone, which features real drum sounds, and Madrid, an instrument for creating acoustic and electric bass with a selection of amps.

Korg and Namco’s new synth isn’t the only option for those looking to add some 8-bit textures to their music. Special Stage Systems recently introduced the NES-inspired Ming Micro, while Teenage Engineering released the tiny PO-20 “arcade” synth.

Korg Gadget is available for iPhone and iPad from the App Store. It’s on offer for £14.99/$19.99 until July 15 but Kamata is only available through an in-app purchase costing £7.99/$9.99. Listen to demos of the synth below.

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