“I am so confused right now.” – Anon. Warriors fan.

Lil B has lifted his “curse” on NBA star Kevin Durant following the Oklahoma City Thunder forward’s shock move to Oakland’s Golden State Warriors – the Based God’s very own team.

Lil B placed the curse on Durant a little over five years ago after the OKC star misguidedly chose to criticize the rapper’s music on Twitter, saying he couldn’t “believe this guy is relevant”. As he soon learned, you do not fuck with the Based God.

Five years later, has Durant – one of the best players in the NBA – been part of a title-winning team? Nope, he has not. Lil B’s 2014 mixtape Hoop Dreams sealed the deal with the Durant diss track ‘Fuck KD’, and fans of opposing teams even started bringing Based God mascots along with them to taunt Durant.

The Warriors narrowly missed out on taking this year’s title (after beating OKC on the way to the final), but also proved themselves to be mathematically the greatest basketball team in history by winning a record-setting 73 games in a season. Yes, we are biased.

With Durant on board, the Warriors have it all to play for next year, so it makes sense that Lil B would choose to have mercy on his nemesis for the greater good of the 2016-17 season. It just leaves the rest of us very confused.



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