Including an ambient set from the Philadelphia producer.

In Spring this year, Starkey’s NOREMIXES label held a three-month residency at The Art Dept in Philly featuring live performances from Beck-Fields, Brian John McBrearty, Attia, Mikronesia, and Starkey himself. Live recordings from these NORESIDENCY sessions are being released later this month, and you can hear the first three now.

NOREMIXES was set up by Philadelphia-based producer Starkey set in 2014 as a home for music that “fits between the genres” and a place for composers and musicians focused on “synth music, electro-acoustic, ambient and modern classical styles.” NORESIDENCY took the label’s music into a logical live setting, an intimate space where people could lose themselves in the sounds.

The first three sets feature local composer and guitarist McBrearty combining traditional folk, electronic, and drone; an improvised session by the duo Beck-Fields using vocals, piano, keyboard, laptop, and iPad; and label boss Starkey in ambient mode using his current live set up consisting of a laptop, iPad, MIDI controllers and a Eurorack modular setup.

All five sets will be available beginning July 15, released once a week, via the NOREMIXES Bandcamp page as pay what you want and via iTunes and all streaming platforms.

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