No sleep till Lagos.

Remember when DJ EZ played a non-stop 24-hour DJ set? Well, that’s just small fry to Nigeria’s unstoppable DJ Obi who earlier this month smashed through an impressive 240-hour marathon in a Lagos cafe.

Beginning June 22 and finishing up July 2, DJ Obi – who is a DJ for Nigerian hip-hop label Syndik8 Records – played non-stop music for 10 days straight without any sleep, breaking the 2014 record of 200 hours, which had been set in Dublin by a Polish DJ called Norbert Selmaj.

Obi told BBC News that he battled sleep deprivation by taking two-second disco naps standing up, but was not allowed to sleep properly because he would have been disqualified. After four or five days without sleep he was ready to give up and began hallucinating as he lost control of his body. It was the thought of his late father that kept him going, he said. Watch BBC video footage of Obi’s sleep-deprived triumph below.

The rules, set by the Guinness World Records, demanded that the DJ have someone dancing at all times. He wasn’t allowed to repeat a song within four hours of playing it but was allowed a five-minute break every hour. Obi was also allowed daily medical checks, massages and vitamins to keep him going.


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