Photograph by: Vicky Grout

The pair release their debut on XL Recordings later this month.

Tom and Ed Russell – better known as UK techno siblings Truss and Tessela – have signed to XL Recordings with their new collaborative project, Overmono.

As RA reports, the duo recorded the five-track Arla EP in a cottage in rural Wales close to where they grew up. “Despite doing some live shows together and the fact that we’re brothers, we hadn’t ever really written music together and wanted to start something new,” the duo say.

Despite the pair’s claim that they haven’t written music together before, they released a collaborative track as TR\\ER on a 12″ released by the Brothers label back in 2012.

Arla is released on July 29 – listen to EP cut ‘Locker Union’ below.


01. Olchon Flows
02. Lockner Union
03. C-Life
04. Winged
05. Programmer



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