The film is set on streets of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol.

Bobby Krlic (aka The Haxan Cloak), Oscar-winning composer Atticus Ross and his brother Leopold Ross have scored a Terrence Malick-produced documentary about street children in Ukraine.

Directed by Steve Hoover, Almost Holy follows pastor and civic leader Gennadiy Mokhnenko in his quest to save Ukraine’s drug-addicted street kids. Often forcibly abducting them, he brings them to his Pilgrim Republic rehabilitation centre – the largest of its kind in the former Soviet Union.

The soundtrack, which is out on Sacred Bones the same day the film opens on August 19, “surfs the line of sound design,” explains regular Trent Reznor collaborator, Atticus Ross, and “operates as a support to the overall arc, rather than specifically tied to the characters.” It features several songs not included in the film. Watch a video of the Ross Brothers’ ‘Punching Bag’ and a trailer for the documentary below.

Ross says seeing early film footage convinced him to come on board. “It’s a different world over there – of course we have dire poverty in the U.S. – but to see an army of drug-addicted children living in those conditions, children the same age as my own, under ten years old but covered in track marks and sleeping on sewers to stay warm, and someone is asking you to write a little music to help the cause. It would be hard to find a reason not to.”


01. ‘One Block Further’ – Atticus Ross & Leopold Ross
02. ‘Punching Bag’ – Atticus Ross & Leopold Ross
03. ‘Intervention’ – Bobby Krlic
04. ‘Wild Moose’ – Atticus Ross & Leopold Ross
05. ‘Pharmacies’ – Bobby Krlic
06. ‘Mokhnenko’ – Atticus Ross & Leopold Ross
07. ‘Distance’ – Atticus Ross & Leopold Ross
08. ‘Coursing’ – Bobby Krlic
09. ‘Graves’ – Atticus Ross & Leopold Ross
10. ‘The End’ – Bobby Krlic



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