Their “slow TV” broadcast becomes even more viewer-friendly.

Last month Sigur Rós shared new single ‘Óveður’ via a Jonas Åkerlund-directed video that debuted at the end of a 24-hour “slow TV” broadcast. Called ‘Route One’, the band shared it on Icelandic television and via a live stream.

The program mostly surveyed the countryside of Iceland while playing an algorithmically-sourced remix of the track made by composing app Bronze. Now, via The Verge, the post-rock luminaries have shared a version of ‘Route One’ that is watchable in 360-degrees. The experience is available in most web browsers, although not Safari.

There were a number of hurdles to tackle to produce the video. The Verge writes: “Filming and releasing a full day’s worth of 360-degree video meant getting past some imposing technical obstacles, most of which had to do with the sheer size of the video being captured. The satellite connection the band used to live stream the traditional version of ‘Route One’ was nowhere near strong enough to send out live 360-degree video — in some remote locations, it couldn’t even handle the standard broadcast without introducing some unexpected sonic glitches.” (They also note that the video had to be sent to the YouTube HQ via a hard drive instead of uploaded, do its sheer volume.)

Check it out below.

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