Hex Deduction Hour.

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking a seat in the big black chair to prove your unparalleled mastery of a niche subject (we were thinking, ‘The life and work of Richard D. James’), last night’s episode should prompt you into applying for the next series of Mastermind.

Answering questions on Mark E Smith and The Fall, contestant Gareth John proved that there’s no topic too cool or esoteric for the BBC question setters, though John Humphries did seem pretty confused by all the elastic man business. With over 30 albums in a nearly five-decade career, there was also lot of revision to be done.

Mark E Smith and The Fall was someone's specialist subject on Mastermind last night

With 12 questions answered correctly and one pass, the lighting engineer from north Wales went on to finish joint third after the general knowledge round with a respectable 24 points. Watch him on BBC iPlayer (UK viewers), with the Fall round starting at 07:30.

Last year Humphries hosted a special hip-hop edition of Mastermind with Lethal Bizzle and DJ Target answering questions on Wu Tang Clan and grime history.

In 2015 a judge struggled to decipher Smith’s singing in a copyright trial over The Fall’s 1999 track ‘Touch Sensitive’, saying the slurring frontman “delivers the lyrics in a manner which at some points makes it hard to hear the words.”

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