GILA takes hip-hop to the warehouse.

If you’re a regular FACT reader you may have come across Gorgeous Children, the experimental rap act responsible for one of our favorite mixtapes of 2013 – the pitch-black, Blade Runner-influenced ICE.

Now, Gorgeous Children’s production half, GILA (aka Gila Monsta), has announced his debut physical release, GENKIDAMA, which is set for release via UK indie titan XL on August 5 on vinyl, with digital coming later on August 12.

The EP’s lead track ‘Tuff Whisper’ showcases GILA’s unique sound, which fuses the low-end boom of Atlanta rap with the gloomy backdrop of industrial music, resulting in a sound that’s effortlessly cinematic. Jason Voltaire directed the track’s visual accompaniment, which blends lo-fi, crumbling VHS belches with GILA’s haunting pads and crumbling beats.

You can pre-order GENKIDAMA from XL now.

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