The soundtrack to the year’s most eagerly-anticipated game arrives.

It’s safe to say that if you’re a gamer, you’ve probably heard of No Man’s Sky by now. The epic space exploration game was developed by tiny indie team Hello Games, but after interest from Sony rocketed into the public eye, with gamers intrigued by the promise of procedurally generated alien worlds, space trading and and survival.

The most interesting part of the game for us however is the soundtrack, which has been crafted by Sheffield post-rock heroes 65daysofstatic. It was a bold move on the developers’ part to work with the band, and the results are almost predictably great.

Today, the band uploaded their score to YouTube and you can hear the whole thing below. No Man’s Sky will be released on PS4 on August 9 in North America and August 10 in Europe and will arrive on Windows on August 12.

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