“Money is cool but gut feelings are stronger,” the producer wrote on Twitter.

Beyoncé collaborator Boots was asked to score Suicide Squad – but turned the job down after seeing footage of the movie.

The US artist, who produced several songs on Beyonce’s self-titled 2014 album and has since released his debut album AQUARIA, revealed on Twitter that he was asked to score a version of a trailer for the comic book adaptation, which hit theaters today.

“It was dope but I had a feeling they were going to go [the] pop music route,” he said of the trailer, explaining that the movie’s producers had also shown him a cut of the film and asked him to write the score.

“[A]fter seeing it I decided it wasn’t for me and politely declined,” he added. “[T]he moral is money is cool but gut feelings are stronger and worth more.”

Earlier today we were treated to the sight of Skrillex and Rick Ross hanging out with The Joker, as played by Jared Leto, in the totally ridiculous video for ‘Purple Lamborghini’, their contribution to the movie’s soundtrack. Grimes has also written a song for the movie, a ‘90s style industrial rave monster titled ‘Medieval Warfare’.

Suicide Squad currently has a 26% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.



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