The synth is expected to ship before the end of the year.

Affordable gear manufacturer Behringer has revealed the price for its forthcoming DeepMind 12 analog synthesizer.

On the Gearslutz forum earlier today (July 9), company founder Uli Behringer said that the recommended price point for the DeepMind synth would be $999.99. He also said that Behringer is planning to ship the first units “towards the end of the year.”

Behringer didn’t confirm a recommended price for the rest of the world, but claims the price is substantially cheaper than company was advised to make the synth.

“During the development of the DeepMind12, we involved a lot of synthesizer experts, producers, musicians but also synth magazines. Of course, we were constantly asked what the price would be, but at the same time repeatedly told not to make it too affordable as otherwise the public perception of the instrument would be impacted,” he said.

“Since the competition sits around US$ 2,000, the general recommendation was not to offer it below US$ 1,500 and everyone would be happy.”

According to earlier reports, the DeepMind 12 features 12-voice polyphony and built-in Wi-Fi for modifying synth parameters via app.

Behringer is also planning to release a rack-mounted version alongside a full keyboard model. [via Ask.Audio]

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