iO-808 is the most realistic browser drum machine yet.

Browser-based drum machines are nothing new, especially where the iconic Roland TR-808 is concerned. If they were rated on attention to detail though, the new iO-808 would win hands down.

Launched on August 8 to mark 808 Day, the iO-808 has been designed by software engineer Vincent Jackson to look just like the original machine. The tone knobs, instrument select, pads are all placed where you’d expect. Even the typeface looks authentic.


Jackson admits at GitHub that as the drum sounds are synthesised from the Web Audio API instead of being taken from samples, some elements could use some improvement, but the kicks sound boomy enough when the decay is turned up.

According to Jackson, the iO-808 still has several features to be implemented including a play mode and the pre-scale function, which is used to change the time signature from the standard 4/4 to something less straight.

Try it out here, and when you’ve got bored of that make some acid house with a TB-303 for your browser. There’s also a decent browser version of the 808’s techno sibling, the TR-909.

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