The techno veteran’s mix is described as a “lost and found story.”

Berghain resident Marcel Dettmann will helm the next DJ-Kicks mix, which is set for release on October 14.

According to !K7 Records, the mix sees the techno veteran taking the opportunity to craft a mix for home listening rather than the club, which shows his “more reflective side.”

Dettmann describes the mix as a “lost and found story” in a press release. “I can draw from 25 years of collecting records, digging deep, revisiting, researching,” he adds.

“When it came to the DJ-Kicks mix, I was sitting for weeks in my music room at home listening to records, sometimes together with the kids, editing, researching, playing games… it turned out as a good combination to be at home with the family whilst working on this music project.

“I was listening to a lot of music which is great, music that I hadn’t listened to for ages and certainly wouldn’t have played in a club set.”

As well as tracks from artists including Sterac, Dan Curtin, Orlando Voorn and even The Residents, the mix features a number of unreleased Dettmann remixes and productions. This release’s DJ-Kicks exclusive is a collaboration between Dettmann and Levon Vincent titled ‘Can You See’.

The most recent DJ-Kicks came from Jackmaster, who spoke to FACT about going back to his techno roots for the mix back in July.


01. Cybersonik – Technarchy (Marcel Dettmann Third Mix) ***
02. Orlando Voorn – At Last
03. Levon Vincent / Marcel Dettmann – Can You See (DJ-Kicks) ***DJ-KICKS EXCLUSIVE
04. Infiniti – Skyway (Marcel Dettmann Remix) ***
05. Mystic Bill – U Won’t C Me
06. Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia – War Chant (Marcel Dettmann Edit) ***
07. Das Kombinat – Waschmaschine
08. Clarence G – Cause I Said It Right
09. Sandbenders – Defekt
10. Vex – Vex-1
11. Dan Curtin – Paradise Lost
12. N.A.D – Everything Seems Different
13. Violence FM – Perspectives
14. Sterac – Intersphere
15. Nukubus – People Move On (Marcel Dettmann edit) ***
16. Push/Pull feat. Lady E and Niqué D – Africa
17. The Residents – Kaw-Liga (Nightmare Mix)
18. Wincent Kunth / Marcel Dettmann – Possible Step ***
19. Marcel Dettmann – Let’s Do It (Rolando Remix) ***

*** Previously unreleased



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