The Black Madonna alerts the world to the TV host’s visit.

Conan O’Brien visited Berghain yesterday (September 4), as part of his trip to Berlin.

As noted by club regular The Black Madonna, O’Brien was spotted outside the German nightspot with a film crew. The photo caption states that the US talk show host was “doing comedy,” which ties in with last week’s announcement that O’Brien would be heading to Berlin to shoot an episode.

The comedian has since been documenting his trip on the Team Coco Instagram account, accompanied by the hashtag #ConanBerlin. Scroll down to see a half-naked Conan in leather shorts and a dog mask.

No further details about the episode are known, and it’s not clear yet whether O’Brien made it into the club itself for a dance, but we would certainly pay good money to see him come face-to-face with Sven Marquardt. Had he gone inside, he would join the likes of fellow Hollywooder Claire Danes, who last year revealed that she is a fan of Sunday afternoon raving at Berghain.

I'm going to #Berlin and I'm taking my #Instagram account with me. #ConanBerlin #Germany

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Five minutes at a #Berlin flea market and I fit right in. #ConanBerlin

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No one, except my dermatologist, can prove this is me. #ConanBerlin #Berlin #Germany

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Back in April, it was discovered that O’Brien once penned a Simpsons script for a proposed Prince cameo that was rejected by Prince. You can read pieces of the script, which shows that music fan Lisa Simpson, who once played saxophone with President Clinton, was a fan of the late artist.

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