The rising producer takes his frustration to the floor on an epic new 12″.

Mistry, the second label from No Symbols boss Beneath, has rapidly become one of our favourite buy-on-sight operations since kicking off in 2014 with Alex Coulton’s sub-bass brawler ‘Bleep Sequence’.

Bristol-to-London producer Laksa joined Mistry in 2015 with a mighty three-track offering, ‘Draw For The’, and this month he returns to the label with the politically charged ’66 Rebels’. A tense and freaky club voyage fitted with spiky percussion and chaotic bleeps, the track was made in response to the UK government’s vote to carry out airstrikes on Syria last December.

Named for the 66 Labour MPs who rebelled against the vote, ’66 Rebels’ track “was made in anger and frustration” at the government’s decision, says Laksa. “The main bleep reminds me of arms being rapidly fired.”

Flip to the second side and you tumble through the eerie grids and gnarled drums of ‘Ctrl Delete’, a “journey through techno cyberspace,” as the producer describes it. “Out of all my music this feels the most futuristic to me.”

Stream both tracks in full below and grab 66 Rebels EP on September 30.

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