Their Save Our Culture campaign is proving to be a success.

The support for iconic nightclub Fabric in the wake of its closure has been enormous, from Goldie threatening to melt down his MBE in protest to these guys at this past weekend’s Crystal Palace vs. Stoke City match. Fabric itself launched a campaign last week to raise money for their case to appeal against their closure by Islington council earlier this month.

And it’s been extremely successful – according to Billboard, the club has already raised over £128,000 (roughly $167,000). People like Four Tet and Nick Gold, owner of The Box Soho, have been big donators, giving £1000 and £5000 respectively.

Four Tet is stepping up to be a figurehead in the battle to save Fabric. London mayor Sadiq Khan recently invited the producer to speak about it at London’s city hill.

Despite the closure, however, Fabric’s mix series still endures. Listen to the latest, which is helmed by Scuba.



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