Hear the devastating first album right now.

Leyland James Kirby has been one of our greatest explorers of degradation and decay in music, from the Death of Rave as V/Vm to solo work under his own name. His best work was 2011’s An Empty Bliss Beyond This World, a thesis on dementia and nostalgia using warped pre-war dance music under a The Shining-inspired moniker The Caretaker.

Now, Kirby will release a proper follow-up to that album – he did, however, release a soundtrack to Patience (After Sebald) in 2012 – and it sounds to be his most epic undertaking yet. With six albums spread over the next three years, The Caretaker will break down each stage of memory loss starting with the just-released Everywhere at the end of time. The album explores the first stages of dementia which Kirby describes as “[the] most like a beautiful daydream”.

Kirby has also shared the album as a 41-minute YouTube video which takes listeners on a tour through a digitally decayed dance hall. It will be followed by two albums in 2017 and two more in 2018 before reaching its conclusion with one final release in 2019.

Take in the tragic first stage of the project below and grab it digitally via Bandcamp and on vinyl through Boomkat,



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