The late night channel Adult Swim has had plenty of stylistic twists and turns over its now 15 years on the air, but one constant has been its idiosyncratic station bumpers.

Whether it was images of elderly people swimming or the iconic white text over a black screen, they’re filled with personality and usually good music (Flying Lotus was a key example of an artist who earned many fans early in his career by contributing music to them).

Now vaporwave favorite Nmesh has paid tribute to the channel’s legacy with [bumps] an EP of 35 old, new or unreleased tracks edited into 20-second doses that would fit nicely between an episode of Ricky & Morty and Sealab 2021. As an added bonus, some of the sources from the EP are actually from Nmesh’s next album, an exciting proposition for anyone still processing 2014’s LSD-drenched Dream Sequins.

Listen to [bumps] below and revisit Nmesh’s brain-melting FACT mix after.



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