Miguel Ángel Flores and seven others have been sentenced for their part in the 2012 tragedy in Madrid.

The Spanish promoter behind the Steve Aoki gig that resulted in the deaths of five women at the Madrid Arena in October 2012 has been sentenced to four years in prison.

As El Mundo reports, Miguel Ángel Flores and seven others involved in the event were convicted of five counts of manslaughter by gross negligence and 29 counts of criminal injury.

Another seven defendants, including doctors, security staff and Madrid’s former chief of police, were acquitted of all charges.

Flores was given the maximum penalty for his part in the tragedy, which saw five women killed in a stampede caused after a flare went off. One witness said at the time that a “human bottleneck” had been caused because only one exit from the dance floor was open.

Judges ruled that the Thriller Music Park event, which saw Aoki perform won the same bill as Autoerotique and other acts, had been oversold by 16,600 people and closed emergency exits had contributed to the crush.

Flores’ conviction means he must cease any activity relating to hosting events, but as RA notes, he plans to reopen his Madrid club Macumba on October 14.

Last year, Aoki himself was sued for allegedly breaking a woman’s neck at a concert after one of his raft stunts went wrong.



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