Individual audio outputs and polyrhythms are among the high-end features of the sub-$500 drum machine.

French company Arturia has revealed its latest piece of analog hardware, a drum machine called the DrumBrute.

Like Arturia’s other “Brute” products, which include the MiniBrute and MicroBrute synths, the DrumBrute offers real analog sound at a more affordable price than its rivals Moog and Dave Smith Instruments.

The DrumBrute features 17 drum and percussion sounds together with a 64-step sequencer. Its closest rival at this price is probably Roland’s AIRA TR-8, which offers Roland’s classic drum machine sounds but only as digital recreations.

Arturia’s DrumBrute is something a bit different: instead of simply trying to emulate classic drum machines it’s offering an all-new synthesis engine along the lines of the much more expensive DSI Tempest or Elektron Analog Rytm.

The DrumBrute also features a filter for shaping drum sounds, and can even sync its internal clock to a modular synth or over MIDI. Other features that wouldn’t expect to get at such a low price include a polyrhythm function that allows you to split each drum track into separate lengths, and individual audio outputs for each drum sound – something you don’t get on the TR-8 or Roland’s new TR-9.

According to CDM, the DrumBrute will be released in November for just $499. It follows the release of the MatrixBrute, a gigantic instrument the company claims is “the most powerful analog synthesizer ever created”.

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