Two generations of drum & bass explorers team up.

Om Unit, the moniker of English producer Jim Coles, has shared his latest EP which features a collaboration with Bristol drum & bass pioneer DJ Krust. Titled ‘Underground Cinema’, the 8-minute long composition pays homage to the music’s most daring moments – such as Goldie’s Timeless – with an epic scope and vibe.

Krust had long been an inspiration for Om Unit, through his own solo work and with the Reprazent project, and this collaboration brings both of their vision for the music together with the Bristol veteran handling “synth work and FX” and Om Unit (who relocated to Bristol in recent years) looking after the “arrangement and rhythm.” Hear the result below.

A few years ago, Om Unit sat down to pick 10 influential records for FACT TV, including Krust’s own ‘True Stories’, which he called the pinnacle of the producer’s experimental period.

‘Underground Cinema’ is taken from Torchlight Vol.3, the last in a trilogy of EPs by Coles released via his own Cosmic Bridge imprint over the past year. According to the press release, the series was intended as “sonic meditations on form over function” and begun “as a reaction to the stylistic boxes artists find themselves forced into.

A couple years ago, FACT sat down with Krust who broke down his three vital studio tools.

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