Sample slicing and MIDI routing are top of the list of additions to Ableton’s controller.

Ableton has just released version 9.7 of its Live software, which adds a number of new features and improvements for the company’s Push controller.

The company says that the new features should make music production with the controller quicker and easier. Top of the list are new sample slicing features that chop by beat divisions and regions, allowing more control over what part of the sample you’re playing. You can also set slices manually.

The drum layout has also been spruced up, with a mode featuring 16 set velocity levels that provide a shortcut to more dynamic rhythms.

Owners of hardware synths can now route audio and MIDI to and from their devices straight from Push for sampling and resampling, which should speed things up for people with a studio full of gear.

Finally, Live 9.7 improves control over visual feedback from Push. You now have the power to colour tracks, pads and clips however you want from the controller.

Live 9.7 is available free for all owners of Live 9, and should update automatically.

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