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The first EP from Ecuadorian producer Mala Fama is due in late November.

Brooklyn-based Ecuadorian-Lithuanian DJ and producer Riobamba is a resident at the city’s long-running Que Bajo?! club night, the Latin dance party that brings together regional scenes and cross-genre club sounds from across Latin America and its diaspora.

Riobamba – who is also a member of the Dutty Artz collective – is launching a new label called Apocalipsis, which will channel the essence of Que Bajo?! for what she has described as “urbano storytelling for a ní aquí/ní allá (neither from here/nor there) creation of place,” in an interview with The FADER.

The label will spotlight artists from across Latin America and its diaspora and will work like an agency in taking on all the A&R, marketing and event production duties. The label’s first EP, Anta, is due in late November from Ecuadorian producer Mala Fama.

Ahead of its release, Riobamba has shared a bootleg edit of one of the EP’s tracks, ‘Hecho/Hechizo’. “‘Hecho/Hechizo’ is a translation of my love for noise, inherited folklore, and brujería (witchcraft),” she told The FADER.

The track incorporates “earthquake field recordings and deconstructed DJ Playero reggaetón heritage samples via Kelman Duran,” as well as “amaF alaM’s original collide for a retelling of a warrior call from his Quinchuqui indigenous community.”

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