De-clutter your mind with some Quiet Time.

After turning in lo-fi house and techno releases for the past five years, Huerco S. flicked the ambient switch back in May and made one of our favourite albums of 2016.

Fans of his new approach – which was inspired by the work of Gas, Dettinger and Hiroshi Yoshimura – will be happy to hear that the Brooklyn-via-Kansas City producer has now (quietly) dropped another album of similarly placid and beatless fare, which you can listen to below.

QTT4 is the fourth edition of the Quiet Time series, which features releases from New York producer Aquarian, LA band BABY and New York’s MONEY. The concept behind the tape series is to give artists 20 to 30 minutes to create original work, which could be anything from a live recording to a mixtape of shorter tracks. Huerco S. has chosen to craft an extended 31-minute piece.

You can stream the album via SoundCloud, or else splash some cash on a mustard-coloured cassette – each tape comes with two copies – “one for you, one for a friend” – along with a zine designed by the artist Kisa Sky Shiga.

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