Or, perhaps, it was just about time we heard someone rapping over the instantly-iconic S U R V I V E soundtrack.

While we haven’t always been the biggest champions of Donald Glover’s rap career, he’s endeared himself to us a little bit more as his new FX show Atlanta continues to surprise us with each new episode. (And if you haven’t been watching, this is why you should be.)

Another one of our TV faves this year has been, of course, Netflix’s breakout series Stranger Things and not just because of the synthwave soundtrack. (But, you know, that helped.)

Some intrepid mashup artist has taken Glover’s rap alter ego Childish Gambino’s track ‘Bonfire’ and put the vocals on top of S U R V I V E’s Stranger Things theme. This was a bit of an eye-roller for us at first, but we definitely think it works. Check it out below.

Listen to S U R V I V E’s excellent FACT mix here.



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