When Rubin met Kendrick.

Kendrick Lamar has revealed that he “has ideas” for his next album and wants Rick Rubin to help bring them to life.

Rubin, who was interviewing Lamar for the latest cover of GQ, asked whether the Compton rapper was currently working on any new music, to which Lamar said it was a bit too soon but that he had ideas.

“I have ideas and I have a certain approach. But I wanna see what it manifests. I wanna put all the paint on the wall and see where that goes. Maybe you can help me with that.”

Lamar also revealed that is he open to making an album where he is not rapping. “If I can master the idea and make the time to approach it the right way, I think I can push it out.”

Right after the chat, which also covered Pharrell, Eminem and the process that went into making ‘Alright’, the two hit the studio to record something together. Read the full interview.



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