Squarepusher, Deerhoof and Jóhann Jóhannsson also contribute.

Timber Remixed is a project that finds the spiritual connection between electronic music and classical. Here, experimental percussion track ‘Timber’, a song composed for six wooded 2x4s by Michael Gordon, a member of NYC contemporary classical collective Bang on a Can, has been flipped and rearranged by some of electronic music’s most interesting producers. The music they work with was recorded by modern percussion group Mantra Percussion, who perform ‘Timber’ with mallets, fingertips and other unique methods.

Mike McCurdy of Mantra Percussion finds that the project works because there is “an extrinsic relationship in that each of these musics are, in many instances, at the edges of electronica and classical music. There is, in some ways, a deeper connection as electronic music most certainly came out of the Western ‘classical’ composed-music tradition.”

McCurdy also says Squarepusher had one of the most “unique approaches” to remixing ‘Timber’: “In his remix, one of the most astonishing things to me was that his bass line is taken from what essentially is a ghost-melody that appears in the harmonics of the pieces of wood as they interact with one another. In other words, during the recording of the underlying track, the frequencies of each of the 2x4s mixed with the frequencies of the other 2x4s.

“Some frequencies were enhanced, some overlapped, some were cancelled-out, and out of that process a melody appeared – one that was similar to other melodies from other performances, but one that was unique to this recording and Squarepusher heard that ghost-melody and used it as the basis for his main melodic theme.”

We’ve already heard contributions from Fennesz and Tim Hecker, but now you can hear Squarepusher’s remix and the rest of the project before its release on Friday, October 28. It will be available via Cantaloupe Music on 2xCD featuring 12 remixes and a disc of Mantra Percussion’s performance of ‘Timber’ at 2014’s Bang on a Can Marathon.



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