Another rapper wades in on the Lil Wayne controversy.

Lil Wayne
has received another scolding for recent comments he made dismissing the Black Lives Matter movement as “dumb-ass shit” in a recent interview, telling the host he “don’t feel connected to a damn thing that ain’t got nothin’ to do with me.” Wayne later apologised, reportedly also firing his publicists.

His friend T.I., who in September released a protest EP inspired by Black Lives Matter, posted an open letter to Wayne on Instagram yesterday (November 6) advising him to “stop embarrassing yourself”.

“I don’t know what you goin thru, or what you are attempting to avoid but this shit is absolutely unacceptable!!!!,” T.I. wrote in the post. “You’re disrespecting yourself, bringing shame on your family name & tarnishing your legacy.

“If you’re not prepared for a question in an interview, say No Comment Bro. But stop embarrassing yourself & everyone out here who’s been supporting you. There is no middle ground. Oppression knows no neutral party, either you’re part of the oppressed, or you with the oppressor.”

Lil Wayne later told TMZ that he blamed the anti-Black Lives Matter rant on questions about his daughter: “When the reporter began asking me questions about my daughter being labeled a bitch and a hoe, I got agitated. From there, there was no thought put into her questions and my responses,” he responded. “Apologies to anyone who was offended.”

Last month, Wayne rocked the boat when he declared “there is no such thing as racism”, recalling the time when a “white as snow” police officer saved his life as a 12-year-old boy.



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